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Why Preventive Maintenance Matters

With the high cost of new cars today, more and more people are choosing to repair and maintain their current vehicle over buying a new one. Most late-model cars will provide many years of reliable service; it's not unreasonable to expect your car to reach 200,000 miles or more. Proper maintenance is the best insurance you have for extending the life of your vehicle - and it will actually lower the total cost of owning your automobile.

By taking care of small issues before they become a big problem, you have a much better chance of avoiding the inconvenience (and expense!) of unexpected breakdowns. In the long run, investing in preventative maintenance saves you both money and time. It also results in a safer, more dependable, cleaner-running vehicle - one with a higher trade-in / resale value.

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Allied Towing's Maintenance Plans

Our technicians consider it their professional responsibility to note any maintenance concerns they see when they work on your vehicle. When we discuss this with you, we'll describe the work that needs to be done, and how urgent it is. This will allow you to make an educated decision as to the repairs and services you would like to have performed.

Top 7 Reasons To Keep Your Vehicle Maintained:

  1. Saves you MONEY (Who doesn't like saving money?)

  2. A more DEPENDABLE vehicle (How many more times is your boss going to fall for that "car wouldn't start" excuse, anyway?)

  3. Less chance of a costly BREAKDOWN (And lets face it. Even not-so-costly breakdowns aren't exactly what you'd call a "good time.")

  4. A SAFER vehicle for you and your family (Belts, brakes, hoses - these things wear out. Better when it doesn't happen on the freeway.)

  5. Doing your part for CLEANER AIR (Think of the polar bears.)

  6. Protecting your INVESTMENT (It is a pretty large investment after all.)

  7. A vehicle that's WORTH MORE at trade-in or sale. (With great maintenance records, even your brother-in-law will want to pay blue book. Well, maybe "want" is the wrong word here...

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