Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need an appointment for a repair?

An appointment is recommended at Allied Towing, especially if you plan to wait on your vehicle.

Is there a charge to check out my car?

If the inspection is for a used car purchase, we charge according to the extent of inspection. In the case of a particular problem, a fee may be charged based on the type of equipment used and technician's time. Often, the inspection fee is partially applied to the cost of the repair needed. If the repair is not completed you can expect to pay for diagnostic time.

Why does my car need maintenance if it's running fine?

Regular maintenance of your vehicle protects your investment, helps to prevent breakdowns, and will minimize the cost of repairs in the future.

Do you service and repair all makes and models of vehicles?

Yes, we can take care of almost any vehicle on the road today.

My vehicle is still under the manufactures warranty, can you perform all of the maintenance my vehicle needs without voiding the warranty?

Absolutely! No matter what your dealer says, a qualified technician is a qualified technician.

How can you prove that it's ok for Allied Towing to maintain all of the maintenance needed for my vehicle without voiding the warranty?

Federal Law Prohibits new car dealers from implying or denying warranty service because routine schedule maintenance was performed at an independent repair facility.

My car is running rough. Do I need a tune-up?

In today's highly sophisticated automobiles, a tune-up is a maintenance type service and normally does not correct runnability problems. In most cases, there is no such equipment that will tell you exactly what is wrong with your vehicle or predict what will go wrong with your vehicle next. Through our technician's education, training, and experience with automotive repair, we are able to use the diagnostic equipment and determine what is wrong with your vehicle.

How much is the cost going to be?

Our invoices reflect the total cost in parts & labor. All of our labor is billed out according to the manufactuer time guide. You can be certain that the parts used were purchased at the dealer or OE equivelnt. We also separate our shop supplies and environmental fees. All of our parts and labor are warrantied.

How long will it take to repair my vehicle?

Because of the nature of this business, it is difficult to pinpoint a specific time and date for repairs to be completed. Each repair is different, and there are many variables that can effect how quickly a repair is completed. We will always do our best to keep you informed on the status of your vehicle. As the repairs progress, we can give you a better idea of the estimated time and date of completion. However, our commitment to law enforcement, towing is still our main priority.

What will happen if I don't have the repairs done right now?

Our top priority is to keep you and your passengers safe while riding in your vehicle. If the repair can wait, the advisors and the technicians will work together to help you prioritize the urgency of the repairs and maintenance needed.