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Jim Clark - Owner/Team Leader

Jim after graduating automotive technician college in 1995 at the young age of 18, he immediately joined the Allied Towing team as the first paid employee.  In fact, early on he reluctantly took the heavy wrecker to recover a semi, when he arrived on scene the Trooper questioned if he was even old enough to have a driver’s license. From that time on he has learned everything and anything he can about the towing and vehicle repair industry, from becoming an expert in vehicle repair to being wreck master certified in towing recovery and semi tows. Jim is our lead mechanic and mentors our employees in all aspects of our company from vehicle repair to technical vehicle recoveries. Jim is highly respected throughout the industry and has won several awards to include “Voted #1 locally for towing and high-quality repair services” several years running. He prides himself on training the best teams possible to get every job done efficiently and safely. Jim is admired by all who know him, his family, the community as well as his team.

Alex (AKA Hondro)

Alex is known as our gentle giant. He is an expert in vehicle repair, and is a very valued part of the Allied team.  Alex’s drive and work ethic are beyond what you could every ask for. He is a great addition to our new team members as well as a great example to youth in our community. Alex is very efficient in all that he does, he will work endless hours to make sure everything is completed. Alex very knowledgeable with computer issues, helping the office staff often. He has an A+ rating and if he could be rated higher he would be.


Ken (AKA Nelly)

Ken has been in the towing repair industry since he was a child. He started working at Allied Towing in 1992, where he spent several years before leaving to pursuit his goals and dreams. Once he achieved his goals and retired, we were thankful he decided to return to his home at Allied. Ken is very diverse in his skill set, also known as a jack of all trades. Ken is a huge asset to the Allied Team, not only is he very knowledgeable working in the shop he can also tow any vehicle requested. He has expert recovery skills and has recovered vehicles that people said were “unrecoverable” He is an amazing leader in all areas. Ken has a very positive attitude and always puts everyone else first.

Leo (AKA Dirt Nasty)

General Manager of Towing Operations

Leo has been with the Allied Team for several years. He has been in charge of the towing team for many years, as a team leader he dispatches drivers, takes care of truck maintenance, as well as making sure all drivers are trained and certified. Leo also works very diligently in our repair shop, training and working on vehicle maintenance and repair. Leo is our “Getter done” guy. If it takes 3 days straight then that’s what he does. His drive and passion is second to none. Leo is very creative and has the critical thinking skills to make sure he gets every job completed safely. Leo is a bada## and a very important part of the Allied team.



Meet Chris our newest member to the Allied Team.   However not new to the industry. Chris has been driving a truck for the last 14 years. He is very professional and efficient with any task handed to him. We are very excited to have him on the Allied Team. When he is not towing or working in the shop he enjoys bow hunting, hiking and just being an American!!

Crystal - Administrative Assistant

Crystal is responsible for many duties. In a family owned company she has learned to wear many hats. Scheduling appointments, meetings, ordering, and invoicing to include accounts receivable and accounts payable are just a few of her tasks.  Crystal loves being a part of the Allied team!!!